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To use this project, simply

  1. add it in the "Add a Project Box"
  2. choose your vegetation type and click ADD
  3. click ADD at the very bottom to add the project.

You cannot use this project unless you know your vegetation types. There is a cell phone app that will do this for you, or you can use the Vegetation Book, or you can go to and explore there.

If you are really keen, we are looking to photograph our vegetation map types. For these we want photographs of the vegetation rather than the plants. But for this to work on iNat, you need to have the most dominant species (or choose any dominant species) as the link species.
Beyond that, all you need to do is add this project - join it now!: ...more ↓

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at Nikkis Request - for vegetation fanatics:

The aim of this project is to collect representative photographs of species that occur in vegetation types listed in the VEGMAP project classification system (the latest map and list of types can be found at

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