This is the virus project to fix the iNaturalist flaws on virus-tracking.

iNaturalist lists viruses as "unknown", regardles theyr ID.
This means, the iNaturalist ID-Module will always list viruses among unknown ID's.

To fix this do as following:


Use the ID of the virus-host for your virus-observations!

By that two things will happen:

  • Viruses will not any more pollute the category "Unknown" in the iNaturalist ID-Module.
  • Viruses will be searchable in a more useful way.

Virologists can search the project for viruses in the annotation-field. Species-Owners (Non-Virologists) can search the Project for a species. In that way the project is useful for Virologists which want to track viruses and Species-Owners which want to learn about a possible desease that affects theyr species. (Learn more below)


Add the virus observation to the general categoy "Life" or if known to the host-taxon.

This will help to remove the virus from being tracked as unknown.

This will help users to find viruses by host.

Add suspected or verified viruses to this "Virus: "-project.

This will collect all, suspected or verified, viruses in one place.

Use the "Virus: " annotation-fields.

This will provide some useful information.

See: The "Virus: " annotation-fields.

Search for virus taxon

To search this project for a virus use the filter fields.

Example: "Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus".

Search for virus host taxon

To search this project for a virus host use the filter fields.

Example: "Life".

Tipp: Long-term observations

If you want to chain long-term observations, about spreading of a virus or effect on a host and so on, use the "Series: " annotation-filds.

The first observation of a series, you can also add to the Series as bundeled sets of observations-project.

The "Virus: " annotation-fields

The "Virus: " annotation-fields are as following:

Virus: (A1) State

Suspected: means that the observation contains probably a virus of any virus Taxon.

Verified: meand that the observation contains for sure a virus.

Virus: (B1) Host Taxon

Taxon of the virus host, if any?

Virus: (B2) Host DNA

DNA of the virus host, if known?

Virus: (C1) Taxon

Taxon of the virus, if known?

Virus: (C2) DNA

DNA of the virus, if known?

Virus: (D1) Annotation

Any custom annotation, if any?

Optional "Virus: " annotation-fields, just in case are as following:

Virus: (E01) Realm


Virus: (E02) Subrealm


Virus: (E03) Kingdom


Virus: (E04) Subkingdom


Virus: (E05) Phylum


Virus: (E06) Subphylum


Virus: (E07) Class


Virus: (E08) Subclass


Virus: (E09) Order


Virus: (E10) Suborder


Virus: (E11) Family


Virus: (E12) Subfamily


Virus: (E13) Genus


Virus: (E14) Subgenus


Virus: (E15) Species


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