Species to record observations for

• long-toed salamander
• western tiger salamander
• northern leopard frog
• western toad

• horned grebe
• western grebe
• long-billed curlew
• prairie falcon
• trumpeter swan (do not disturb birds on water bodies, especially those nesting)
• harlequin duck
• prairie falcon
• common nighthawk
• Lewis's woodpecker
• olive-sided flycatcher
• bank swallow
• barn swallow
• black swift
• rusty blackbird
• bobolink

• western bumble bee (occidentalis subspecies)

• little brown myotis
• American badger
• Wolverine

To record observations of whitebark and limber Pine, please download Survey123 for ArcGIS on either IOS or Android. Once downloaded click the bottom link to upload the "Save the Pine" survey.

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A species at risk is one that is in danger of disappearing from the wild and requires special considerations for its conservation. The Multi-species Action Plan for Waterton Lakes National Park and Bar U Ranch National Historic Site ( ...more ↓

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