Information about setting up camera traps & data collection sheets for the field

We recently posted a Guide to Camera Trap Set Up which can be found on our WildCAM Protocol page ( This guide highlights some of the major considerations camera trap users should have in mind when deciding where and how to set up their camera traps. It is meant as a general guide for those who may have limited experience with formal sampling methods but are interested in having their camera trap photos used in research to support wildlife science and management.

We also created some data collection sheets that camera trap users can use in the field (also found at the above website). These are meant for anyone who might have data from multiple cameras to contribute and wishes to make their data be useful for research purposes. These data sheets can be used during camera deployment and during camera visits or retrieval. Our datasheets are consistent with metadata standards ...more ↓

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WildCAM (Wildlife Cameras for Adaptive Management) is a network of researchers, managers and citizen scientists using camera traps across western Canada. This is the portal for citizen scientist WildCAM members to submit their photos from their camera traps.

Please contribute your photos and join the WildCAM network. Your photos are an important part of helping us understand ...more ↓

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