Bioblitz May 16-21 2016

Mark those calendars, for a bioblitz is on its way. A bioblitz is a concentrated effort of citizen scientists to document as many species as possible during the time frame. So get those flower bed weeds, ticks, and garden birds documented!

Domesticated or captive animals (pets and zoo) and garden plants put down by human hand don't count though, as they don't help us understand our native ecosystem.

Be sure to attend the science festival as below:

May 20 (7pm-10pm) SMM Science Festival
May 21 (10am-4pm) SMM Science Festival
The Science Festival is taking place at Paramount Ranch over the period of 2 days. The first day is an evening-only affair, with guided hikes and talks on evening life.

And don't forget to join the project here: ...more ↓

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The Santa Monica range is a bountiful region with much to discover. This is an on-going survey of the flora and fauna of the Santa Monica Mountains areas in hope to understand the wildlife here better.

The survey is in the area range as defined by this link: ...more ↓

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