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Over the next two weeks I will be meeting with volunteers to introduce them to the three phenology trails that we will be monitoring. The current trails are at Huntington Beach State Park, Pawleys Island, and at North Inlet on the Midden Trail. For more information about these trails and volunteer training, please visit our web site

This iNaturalist project is also intended for the contribution of observations from areas outside of the trails. Please see the species list for the monitoring species. When you add an observation, you will be asked to note the status of cone formation, leaf growth, or flower bloom.

Thank you for participating in this project. Hopefully as it grows we can begin to build our own coastal plant phenology calendar, and overtime track changes to better understand how climate change and sea level rise are affecting out coastal marsh ecosystems.

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Phenology is the study of the timing of seasonal plant and animal life-cycle events, including the flowering of plants, ripening of fruit, the emergence of insects, and migration of birds. Life-cycle events influence the abundance and distribution of organisms, which affects food webs, ecosystem services, and global cycles of water and carbon. The timing, duration and intensity of these ...more ↓

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