Taxonomy details for Ferns (Class Polypodiopsida)

Relationship: Match

iNaturalist Catalogue of Life: 2019 Annual Checklist
Class Polypodiopsida (parent: Phylum Tracheophyta) Match Class Polypodiopsida (parent: Phylum Tracheophyta)
Created by loarie on February 04, 2020

Defines a Taxon Framework for Polypodiopsida sourced to Plants of the World Online

Downstream coverage: rank subspecies

Taxon Framework Relationships: 6684

Deviations: 825

Relationship unknown count: 1664

Flagged covered taxa: 96

Taxon Framework notes:

iNaturalist follows Plants of the World Online (POWO) for Vascular Plants down to ssp. Caveats are that that POWO only includes info above species on family and genera.

Unfortunately, there appear to be some issues with POWO ferns - read more here

Apart from documented deviations, iNat should be curated to match the 'accepted' families, genera, species, hybrids, and infraspecies posted in these archives (which is regularly updated):