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I started working on the genus Veronica with and later i read that the correct name for this subgenus is Pseudoveronica, therefore i committed this change.

I thought it would change just the name of the subgenus and did not know that every ID is added once again due to the name change... sorry!

The genus Veronica is now completely sorted into 13 subgenera, many synonyms have been removed and several valid species names (for other subgenera) have been added.

Posted by kai_schablewski almost 4 years ago (Flag)
Posted by kokhuitan over 3 years ago (Flag)

The change of Veronica bishopiana to Veronica x bishopiana is a mistake and should be reverted. See the following sources:

de Lange, P.J. 1996: Hebe bishopiana (Scrophulariaceae) - an endemic species of the Waitakere Ranges, west Auckland, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany 34: 187-194.

Posted by whatu_turei_a_rua 10 months ago (Flag)

I have corrected it.

Posted by kai_schablewski 10 months ago (Flag)

Thanks :)

Posted by whatu_turei_a_rua 10 months ago (Flag)

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