Taxon swap aaaaaa 48px Taxonomic Swap 38946 (Committed on 2019-08-22)

kokhuitan on 2018-09-02 | cooperj on 2019-08-22
replaced with



Thanks @cooperj ! Cool work! There are some others waiting for this as well: Pycnoporus cinnabarinus has been found out to be a Trametes (with sequences) etc. I guess Lenzites betulina was already changed here into Trametes as well...

Posted by juhakinnunen 3 months ago (Flag)

Yes - I'll do them when I get some time. It doesn't look like other curators will do them.

I was waiting for our regional polypore taxonomist to make some decisions locally and then I would feel more comfortable. That hasn't happened. However the phylogenetic data does seem compelling. I'm a bit wary because in some other groups I think the evidence is less compelling and proposed changes probably won't survive in the longer term. Changing names back and forth according to every latest dubious paper doesn't look good.

Posted by cooperj 3 months ago (Flag)

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