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There have been many studies supporting Sphaeropteris as a distinct genus from Cyathea and Alsophila. This treatment is recognized in PPG I (2016) as well.

Korall, P., D. S. Conant, J. S. Metzgar, H. Schneider & K. M. Pryer. (2007) A molecular phylogeny of scaly tree ferns (Cyatheaceae). Amer. J. Bot. 94: 873–886.

Korall, P. and Pryer, K.M. (2014), Global biogeography of scaly tree ferns (Cyatheaceae): evidence for Gondwanan vicariance and limited transoceanic dispersal. J. Biogeogr., 41: 402-413. doi:10.1111/jbi.12222

Shi-Yong Dong, Zheng-Yu Zuo (2018) On the Recognition of Gymnosphaera As a Distinct Genus in Cyatheaceae , Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden, 103(1), 1-23,

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@galanhsnu, POWO has lepifera in Alsophila, not Sphaeropteris. In the future can you start a flag and discuss a deviation at least a week before deviating?

Also, you need to describe your deviation by curating the taxon framework relatioships
POWO has Sphaeropteris so its not as simple as deviating by splitting Sphaeropteris from Alsophila
It sounds like you're suggesting we deviate by reshuffling lepifera from Alsophila sensu POWO to Sphaeropteris sensu POWO? Just the one taxon or more?

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Sorry for my sudden change of this taxon. I will leave more time before I make a taxonomic change for discussion next time.
And sorry for not noticing there has already been Sphaeropteris in POWO, though it doesn't include lepifera.
I'm only familiar with Taiwanese plant taxa so I cannot tell, besides lepifera, which species should be reshuffled from Alsophila sensu POWO to Sphaeropteris.
But I'm very sure that lepifera belongs to Sphaeropteris instead of Alsophila if Sphaeropteris is recognized as a distinct genus as in POWO. I just want to reshuffle only one taxon, lepifera, from Alsophila to Sphaeropteris, sorry for not being specific enough in my description about this change.
This placement is supported by both morphological and molecular evidence:
(1) lepifera possesses conform stipe scales without differentiated apical seta which is the key characteristic of the genus Sphaeropteris (while Alsophila possesses marginate stipe scales with apical seta), as described in:
Korall (2007):
Flora of China:
Flora of Taiwan 1st edition:

(2) study with lepifera sampled in phylogenetic analysis also suggest that this taxon is clustered within Sphaeropteris clade:
Dong and Zuo (2018):

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OK I made a deviation to signal other curators not to curate towards POWO

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