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Added by nicolasr on January 27, 2021 23:02
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I see POWO has Pachira quinata listed as a synonym for Bombax ceiba. That is definitely wrong - the two species are nothing alike and occur on different continents. I'm not sure how or why POWO has it listed as a synonym. Is there any way to undo a taxon swap? I don't think there is, and it will be a pain to split them again.

Posted by rileyfortierii 8 months ago (Flag)

Hi I agree with @rileyfortierii, this has bad implications, since it mixes several species from different continents. Maybe the best solution would be to change american Pachira quinata to Pochota fendleri (a name accepted by POWO and other sources) but this is just a mess!!

Posted by leo_alvalc 8 months ago (Flag)

I would be okay with Pochota fendleri in place of Pachira quinata based on this paper:

POWO cites this website as its source for listing P. quinata as a synonym of Bombax ceiba:
But the website doesn't actually list that synonym, so it's clearly just a mistake by POWO. The website doesn't even list Bombax ceiba at all, because it doesn't occur in Colombia.

@kitty12 Are you able to undo this taxon swap? If not, I think one of the site staff has that power. Unfortunately, even if we are able to get the old name back, I think we will need to go through each observation in the Americas separately and reidentify with the correct name.

Posted by rileyfortierii 8 months ago (Flag)

I don't have that power. But you could send a link to this to

Posted by kitty12 8 months ago (Flag)

I'll revert this during off-peak hours later today (we're currently under the content freeze due to spring bump/city nature challenge so trying to keep taxon futzing load down)

Posted by loarie 8 months ago (Flag)

Thank you!

Posted by kitty12 8 months ago (Flag)

Thanks @loarie!

Posted by rileyfortierii 8 months ago (Flag)

ok reverted

Posted by loarie 8 months ago (Flag)

Pachira quinata does have to be a synonym of Bombax ceiba because the name it is based on, Bombax quinatum, was just a superfluous replacement name for Bombax ceiba; you can see that Jacquin ( cited under the entry for Bombax quinatum the first Bombax species from Linnaeus' Species Plantarum (, which is Bombax ceiba. All of the names based on Bombax quinatum are therefore synonyms of B. ceiba, though the plant they have been applied to is a different plant, Pochota fendleri as said above. So, the observations should go with P. fendleri, but the names should stay with B. ceiba.

Posted by jameskm 6 months ago (Flag)

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