Alan Liang

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Undergraduate entomology student at Cornell University interested in Lepidoptera. Been obsessively collecting and rearing caterpillars since I was a kid - mostly swallowtails, silkmoths, sphinx, etc.

Currently in Ithaca, New York. Originally from Albany, California (Bay Area).

My (now sorta outdated) strictly amateur blog page on my rearings:

Note: Since I do a lot of Lepidoptera breeding, I make sure to only post observations that were wild collected, though some may be of a later life stage than originally collected (ex. larval observation that was wild collected as an egg). If so, this will be clearly stated in the description and the observation of the original wild collection will be linked. I find it important to post later life stages as often times the original collection is too young to ID on its own (particularly eggs and early instar larvae). However, I haven't been very consistent about marking things captive on here; let me know if you feel that anything ought to be marked as such.

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