Tiffany Theden

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I'm deeply in love with macrolichens, macrofungi, and liverworts! Also marmots, omfg 🤩. You can find me on a constant treasure hunt for rare and common native flora and funga, from the hellscapes of our human cities, to the deep reaches of all the wild places. I occasionally partake in natural history illustration, and would love to do a county level liverwort and/or lichen field guide. Someday I'm going to help bring Grizzlies back to California, cuz it's the right thing to do, so let's work out this coexistence thing, rancher dudes 😜

I love everything about the amazing biodiversity on this planet, from the charismatic megafauna to the tiny, supposedly insignificant beings that colonize rock surfaces and bare soil. I just want to know everything about everything, and am so chuffed to be able to meet the myriad organisms we are lucky enough to call our neighbors.

BA in Environmental Studies + Biology from UCSC
Next up: Masters degrees in GIS and Botany/Mycology? Yes please.

Stewardship Assistant with the Chelan Douglas Land Trust
Board member of the WNPS - Wenatchee Valley Chapter
Volunteer with FunDiS and the West Coast Rare Fungi Challenge! Let's find these dudes!

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