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Back in the 1980's during my High School years I had wanted to go into Ecology or a similar field. After College and Military service and College again I ended up going into Information Technology instead. I never let my passion for nature die off and after learning of this website back in January of 2018, I was put into a mission style gear of getting back outdoors and photographing everything that nature has to offer.
It is funny how most of our lives we barely notice the small things around us, but you spend 30 minutes outside walking, or hiking through the woods, or anything else outdoors and just listen and watch and you start to see the world in a different view. I am allergic to insects (all of them), but I seem to get most of my photographs of them as they are everywhere and it gives me great pleasure being able to share them with world on this website and it helps me get back in touch with what I really desired back in my younger days. I have quite a few projects created for the Southern Illinois areas that I live near and am working on creating a complete 50 states umbrella project (will be completed 2019) for all to enjoy by each separate state.

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