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I’ve always loved nature and the creatures in it ever since I could remember. Having my father teach me about insects and reptiles at a young age spawned a love for nature that I could never fully quench. I marvel at the beautiful things in life that many never notice, or care not to notice. Sometimes I can be so easily distracted by them, that I will stop mid-conversation with someone to admire what I find in that moment. I am one of those people who talks not only to animals, but to any living creature, no matter how small.

My favorite arachnid is the jumping spider. I absolutely love their faces!! I am extremely fascinated by the various species of preying mantids, arachnids, leafhoppers, planthoppers, stink bugs, and beetles. I am particularly fond of neotropical species.

I have a tendency to collect dead insect species that I find, but only if they’re intact and have recently passed away. I have a master’s degree, but it’s in an unrelated field.

If you have a question and tag me, and I don’t answer, please feel free to send me a message. Sometimes, I receive so many notifications that a tag may get lost in the middle.

My daughter had surgery at the beginning of the month, so I haven’t been on iNat much since then. When more time permits, I’ll definitely be on more. Sorry if I miss anyone tagging me.

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