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Otero, US-NM, US, NA
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Specimen was found beneath a decaying log during the day in the Lincoln National Forest.

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Posted by herpguy over 3 years ago (Flag)
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Wow! Awesome find - that makes almost a complete set of Aneides on iNat:

Posted by loarie over 3 years ago (Flag)
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Hi Randy,
Yeah, I was visiting a colleague back in 2001 who was studying barking frogs in the area and I was able to find the salamander after I assisted him catching frogs.

Posted by herpguy over 3 years ago (Flag)
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Yes, very interesting observation thank you for sharing.

Posted by greenrosettas over 3 years ago (Flag)
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Good ole John Malone!

Posted by toby over 3 years ago (Flag)
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Hey Toby, yeah "Good ole John Malone!" He's doing well, hope you are as well. Great to hear from you!

Posted by herpguy over 3 years ago (Flag)
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Posted by dominic over 1 year ago (Flag)
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Sacramento Mountain Salamander - Photo (c) 2011 Todd Pierson, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC-SA)
Community ID: Sacramento Mountain Salamander (Aneides hardii)
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