Projects are a way to pool your observations with other people on iNat. Whether you're interested in starting a citizen science project or just keeping tabs on the birds in a nearby park with your local birding club, Projects are the way to go.


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Birds of Prey of North America icon

Birds of Prey of North America

Loosely speaking, the term "Birds of Prey", relates to birds which hunt and feed on mammals, others birds, ...
Mammals of Texas icon

Mammals of Texas

The purpose of this project is to enhance our understanding of the distribution of mammals in Texas. Our hi...
Beetles of Texas icon

Beetles of Texas

Survey of the Beetles (Coleoptera) of Texas Important Beetle Resources
DFW Urban Wildlife icon

DFW Urban Wildlife

Documenting the Diversity of Dallas/Fort Worth Urban Wildlife This project is dedicated to the recording...
Mariners icon


All those things that are out in the wild blue yonder and haven't been washed up on the beach (see beachcom...
Freshwater Habitat icon

Freshwater Habitat

Aquatic, instream or floating life of rivers, streams, ditches, water races, lakes and ponds - BUT NOT wetL...
Otago Peninsula Biodiversity icon

Otago Peninsula Biodiversity

There are a number of community groups working on the Otago Peninsula to protect and improve the natural en...
Ferns with Te Papa icon

Ferns with Te Papa

The DeCLASSIFIED! exhibition focuses on Te Papa’s recent science discoveries. Everyone can make discoveries...
1,000 species project icon

1,000 species project

Challenge to myself, to record 1,000 species in southeast Alaska in 2015. Wish me luck!

Recently Created

Mr. Ó Súileabháin's Biology Class icon

Mr. Ó Súileabháin's Biology Class

We've been learning about many different organisms in class. Now it is time to put your knowledge to the te...
Remix, Remake, Curate icon

Remix, Remake, Curate

This iNaturalist is part of the Remix, Remake, Curate project, a collaboration that brings together science...
Identificación de pasos de Fauna Ruta 4 icon

Identificación de pasos de Fauna Ruta 4

El propósito de este proyecto es identificar los pasos de fauna que existen en el tramo de aproximadamente ...
Guam Fungus icon

Guam Fungus

To facilitate identification of Guam's fungi from digital images.
Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, Plano TX icon

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, Plano TX

We are documenting all of the different organisms found at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in the Denton County...
Lobo y Oso icon

Lobo y Oso

Observaciones de lobos
Pacific Salmonid Watch- SPAWN icon

Pacific Salmonid Watch- SPAWN

Documenting Pacific Salmonid Sightings!
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