Projects are a way to pool your observations with other people on iNat. Whether you're interested in starting a citizen science project or just keeping tabs on the birds in a nearby park with your local birding club, Projects are the way to go.

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RedwoodWatch icon


By just taking photos of redwoods anywhere in the world, you can help Save the Redwoods League scientists l...
Global Amphibian BioBlitz icon

Global Amphibian BioBlitz

Amphibians are amazing! The diversity of their shapes, sizes, colors and behaviors are absolutely extraordi...
San Mateo County Bio-Blitz icon

San Mateo County Bio-Blitz

To catalog the status and distribution of all life forms within San Mateo county. Project affiliated with S...
DFW Urban Wildlife icon

DFW Urban Wildlife

Documenting the Diversity of Dallas/Fort Worth Urban Wildlife
 This project is dedicated to the r...
Fungi of the California Floristic Province icon

Fungi of the California Floristic Province

This project is designed to document and identify the higher fungi (Basidiomycetes and Ascomycetes, excludi...
All Texas Nature icon

All Texas Nature

This project is a repository for citizen science observations through the Texas Parks & Wildlife mobile...
Macrolichens of the San Francisco Bay icon

Macrolichens of the San Francisco Bay

A project to share observations and identifications of macrolichens in the San Francisco Bay area.
Haywood Community College Ecology Project icon

Haywood Community College Ecology Project

This project is designed to encourage students to collect and share biological observations in their local ...
The Great Cicada Blitz (Sydney, AUS) icon

The Great Cicada Blitz (Sydney, AUS)

Ever wondered what makes all that noise over summer?
 Cicadas are synonymous with summer in Austr...
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Christensen Creek Bioblitz 2014 icon

Christensen Creek Bioblitz 2014

Vashon Nature Center's mission is to grow a community of islanders and visitors who connect with local natu...
Marconi TDI icon

Marconi TDI

Learn how to use iNaturalist, log a few species and have fun
Firefly Hill icon

Firefly Hill

A collection of the species found on "Firefly Hill, a small property in Washington County, Vermont. Th...
Mer Bleue Sector, Ottawa icon

Mer Bleue Sector, Ottawa

The Mer Bleue Bog in Ottawa is one of the most outstanding natural features of the Greenbelt. The 3,500-hec...
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