Seek App

Take your nature knowledge up a notch with Seek! Seek encourages outdoor exploration and learning by harnessing image recognition technology to help you identify plants and animals from your photos. Choose from a list of nearby plants, animals, and fungi and collect photographs of as many species as you can!

  • Earn badges as you photograph new species.

  • Become more engaged with the wildlife around you.

  • Learn cool facts about the critters and plants that live right in your own backyard wilderness.

What Do You Feel Like Seeking Today?

Drawing from millions of wildlife observations on iNaturalist, Seek shows you lists of commonly-recorded insects, birds, plants, amphibians, and more in your area. Use our maps and charts to determine what you want to look for and snap a photo when you think you’ve found it. Our image recognition software lets you know if you got it right and, if it’s a match, adds it to your collection. The more your collection grows, the more badges you’ll earn!

See something that’s not on the list? You can still take a photo of it and Seek will add it to your collection if it’s recognized!

Kid-Safe and Fun for Families

No registration is involved, and no user data is collected.

Seek will ask permission to turn on location services, but your actual location is never stored in the app, or sent to iNaturalist. Your location is obscured enough to provide recommendations near you, while respecting your privacy.

Our image recognition technology is based on observations submitted to and partner sites, and identified by the iNaturalist community.

This is a great app for families who want to spend more time exploring nature together.

For help with the Seek app, please email The Seek app was made by iNaturalist at the California Academy of Sciences and National Geographic Society with support from HHMI Tangled Bank Studios. Currently available for iOS only. We are exploring an Android version of Seek by iNaturalist but don’t yet have an estimated release date available. In the meantime, Android users over age 13 may be interested in exploring the "Missions" feature of the iNaturalist Android app.

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