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New Zealand Sea Urchins Guide.

All the Sea Urchins that I know of that live in NZ and its surrounding Islands that count as part of NZ. If you know of a Sea Urchin that I have not mentioned here, feel free to message me.

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Baker Farm

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Redmon Farm

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Hemiparasites of Illinois

Hemiparasites are parasitic plants, meaning they have haustoria that connect them to host plants, that still photosynthesize. Root hemiparasites have been described as ecosystem engineers, increasing the species diversity in nutrient-poor soils. This guide is meant to keep track of the various ro...

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Aves del municipio de Nezahualcóyotl, Estado de Mexico, Mx.

Esta guía incluye las aves más comunes del municipio de Nezahualcóyotl. Este municipio se encuentra en la zona oriente de la Ciudad de Mexico. Colindando tambien con los municipios de Los Reyes, Texcoco y Chimalhuacan. Para facilitar la observacion de aves en el el municipio, este puede ser...

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Ferns of the Beaver Dam Trail - Parker Dam State Park

Ferns that can be observed along the Beaver Dam Trail in Parker Dam State Park in Pennsylvania.

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Grasses of Table Mountain & the Cape Peninsula

A quick guide to grasses found on the Table and Cape Peninsula. Grass species are notoriously under-reported - especially in the Fynbos-rich southwest. This is an attempt to get to grips with grasses on the Cape Peninsula. Looking for grass species, indigenous grasses, alien grasses, invas...

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Plants of Abisko National Park

The following guide represents the key plants monitored along the Abisko National Park (ANP) botanical and phenology monitoring trail. There are many more plants in ANP these are the ones that we home visitors will observe regularly throughout the growing season and over the years to come.

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EFS Plants

Plants seen at the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary.

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Sargazo pelágico en el Atlántico mexicano

Son macroalgas pardas pelágicas que flotan en la superficie del océano y se desplazan forzadas por el viento y las corrientes marinas. Son abundantes en el Océano Atlántico. En el océano, sirve como hábitat importante para muchos animales marinos, ya que proporciona alimento, sombra y refugio...

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Butterflies of Long Beach, CA

These are the most common butterfllies seen in Long Beach. There are a few other possibilities that could show up, but less likely, so keep a sharp eye out.

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Caperoses Cliffortia of the Cape Peninsula

A quick guide to Peninsula Cliffortias. Key to species of Cliffortia on the Cape Peninsula and Cape Flats area. Christopher Whitehouse, June 2018 Phillipskop Mountain Reserve, Stanford, Western Cape, info@phillipskop.co.za, 073 621 1808 www.phillipskop.co.za Facebook: Phillipskop Insta...

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Butterflies of Limestone Canyon IRC Citizen Science Survey

A guide to help the citizen scientists who participate in the monthly survey. Comments and photos are selected to help with quick identification in the field. Includes only the butterflies recorded from past surveys. However, there are several other butterflies that could show up. Some ar...

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