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Praying Mantises

There are many types of mantises, and in Indiana, I find a LOT. Most sound like they are from another state or country, and that may be why they are called that. I hope you find lots of praying mantises and post them on iNaturalist!

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Megafauna Parks (W Palearctic)

Examples of what megafauna species hypothetical future Kruger/Limpopo-style wilderness parks could contain, around the world. All terrestrial megafauna species native to Europe, North Africa, the Levant and Arabia are included in this list, except for the ones that have gone globally extinct. ...

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A guide to the beetles (Order Coleoptera) of Austin and Travis County, TX; USA

This is a guide to the beetles of Austin and Travis County, TX.

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A guide to the Ecdysozoans (Tardigrades, Nematodes, Spiders, Crustaceans, millipedes and centipedes) of Austin and Travis County, TX; USA

This is part of a larger guide to the ecdysozoans (those invertebrates that shed their outer cuticle). The ecdysozoans in this guide include the tardigrades (phylum Tardigrada), round worms (Phylum Nematoda), Spiders and relatives (Subphylum Chelicerata), Crustaceans (Subphylum Crustacea) and ce...

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A guide to the Cnidarians (jellyfish relatives) and Lophotrochozoans (flatworms, molluscs, annelids & rotifers) of Austin and Travis County, TX; USA

This is a guide to the members of the Phyla Cnidaria, Platyhelminthes, Mollusca, Annelida and Rotifera (Syndermata). The Cnidarians (jellyfish and their relatives) represent the basal animals. The Lophotrochozoans (Phyla Platyhelminthes, Mollusca, Annelida and Rotifera) represent one of the maj...

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Guía de Aves de Los Bosques de Palermo (y otros espacios verdes de Buenos Aires) del COA Carancho

Palermo es el barrio mas grande de la ciudad de Buenos Aires y también el más verde, con 105 plazas, parques y sitios históricos, entre los que se destaca el Parque Tres de Febrero. Con 370 hectáreas -190 de uso público- y ubicado estratégicamente entre las reservas Costanera Norte (RECN), Sur (R...

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A guide to the angiosperms: dicots in Austin and Travis County, TX; USA

There is a limit of 500 species in a guide. As a result this is not a complete list of the dicots in Travis County.

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Reptilia of South Korea

Introducing reptiles in South Korea. South Korea is a small country, so there are not many species.

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Amphibians of Korea

Here are some of the amphibian species that live in Korea. I want to explain a salamander and a group of frogs together.

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Carnivorous plants of Tasmania

A guide with all the carnivorous plant taxa of Tasmania.

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Arañas de Quintana Roo ver. 0.0

Primero borrador de una guía de arañas de Quintana Roo basada en Naturalista

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Lista actualizada de los murciélagos (Mammalia, Chiroptera) de Guatemala

A partir de la revisión de bases de datos de colecciones zoológicas, literatura especializada y publicaciones científicas, presentamos una lista de murciélagos para Guatemala compuesta por 100 especies. Se incluyen 2 registros nuevos para el país (Micronycteris minuta y Carollia castanea), basado...

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Birds of Belize

Residence and Migratory bird found in Belize

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Birds of PG

A list of research grade species

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Reptiles of Chaa Creek Lodge

All reptiles found at Chaa Creek Lodge

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Selva Maya Etorres

Guia de aves de la Selva Maya

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Draba of South America

Information from A Monograph of the South American Species of Draba (Brassicaceae) Ihsan A. Al-Shehbaz. 2018. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden, 103(4) : 463-590 Starting with Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia

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Insects of Overton Park's Old Forest, Memphis, TN

A guide to insects observed in the Old Forest State Natural Area of Overton Park, Memphis, Tennessee.

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Serpentes do estado do Rio de Janeiro

serpentes registrada no estado do Rio de Janeiro

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Papallones urbanes de Barcelona

Guia de l'Observatori ciutadà de papallones urbanes uBMS

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EarthCorps Plant List - Level 1

Treesm Shrubs, Groundcover/Herbs, Invasives, Emergents

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Wemmershoek and Surrounding Koppies

Plants viewed in the Campsite area for ongoing editing and adding by children visiting

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Orquídeas Del Valle de Mexico 🇲🇽

Esta guía es pensando para la identificación de las orquídeas que podemos encontrar en el valle de Mexico ya sea en medio “salvaje” o provenientes de la cría en cautiverio.

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