Projects are a way to pool your observations with other people on iNat. Whether you're interested in starting a citizen science project or just keeping tabs on the birds in a nearby park with your local birding club, Projects are the way to go.

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Global Amphibian BioBlitz icon

Global Amphibian BioBlitz

Amphibians are amazing! The diversity of their shapes, sizes, colors and behaviors are absolutely extraordi...
Birds of the World icon

Birds of the World

In this vast world of ours there are over 10,000 species of Birds, which makes them the most speciose class...
Herps of Texas icon

Herps of Texas

The purpose of this project is to enhance our understanding of the distribution of reptiles and amphibians ...
Aves de Veracruz icon

Aves de Veracruz

El objetivo de este proyecto es reunir todas las observaciones de aves del Estado de Veracruz.
SLIME icon


Snails and slugs Living in Metropolitan Environments (SLIME) is a citizen science project that aims to cata...
Aves Playeras de Mexico icon

Aves Playeras de Mexico

Registros de todas las aves playeras residentes y migratorias en Mexico.
Livermore BioBlitz icon

Livermore BioBlitz

As part of February's Science and Engineering Month activities, the Livermore community is invited to step ...
SnailBlitz 2017 icon

SnailBlitz 2017

SnailBlitz 2017 is an effort to add 1,000 photos to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County's SLIM...


The aim of this project is to catalog and document the life you observe this semester. Anytime we use the m...
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Utah Butterflies icon

Utah Butterflies

In this project, we want to put together all of everyone's observations so we can start to put together dis...
Nathanson Creek Park ( Site Survey ) icon

Nathanson Creek Park ( Site Survey )

Site survey of Nathanson Creek Park in Sonoma, CA for my Botany 60 SRJC Spring Semester Class.
Alianza Mariposa Monarca icon

Alianza Mariposa Monarca

EditarLa Alianza Mariposa Monarca es un grupo de voluntarios de la organización Sky Island Alliance que bus...
Lydick Bog icon

Lydick Bog

To track invasive plant species in a nature preserve
Anfibios de Nicaragua /Amphibians of Nicaragua icon

Anfibios de Nicaragua /Amphibians of Nicaragua

"Anfibios de Nicaragua" pretende recopilar información sobre este fascinante grupo taxonómico. Esta informa...
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