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The soil sample was collected during the winter months and kept at 4 degrees C until processing.

This fungus can easily be mistaken for a chytrid, especially species of Catenaria. It is a fast grower, even at cold temperatures. In pure culture, it does not produce aerial sporangia often. Chlamydospores are produced abundantly along the hyphae, which are aseptate. The chlamydospores superficially resemble zoosporangia.
It appears to be homothallic, and produces zygospores with apposed suspensors. One is typically much larger than the other.

Identification is based off morphology and a partial 28s rRNA gene sequence.
It exists as a pure culture in the University of Alabama culture collection.

Garden soil under leaf litter and snow Observations w/ field
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naturalist39's ID: Mortierella exigua, a member of Zygote Fungi (Phylum Zygomycota)
Posted by naturalist39 about 3 years ago (Flag)
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naturalist39's ID: Mortierella exigua, a member of Zygote Fungi (Phylum Zygomycota)
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