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Photo © triplep220, all rights reserved
Mt. Tamalpais State Park (Google, OSM)
37.9239234924, -122.5966415405


Not sure what this stuff it. It was growing out of the ground near the base of a tree.

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Posted by invertboy about 3 years ago (Flag)
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Posted by kueda 9 months ago (Flag)
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So it's definitely a plant that doesn't need chlorophyll. There are no members of Orobanchaceae in that area that look quite like this that I know of, so your options are really P. picta or Corallorhiza. Corallorhiza doesn't have those globular buds (see http://calphotos.berkeley.edu/cgi/img_query?enlarge=0000+0000+0812+2773, http://calphotos.berkeley.edu/cgi/img_query?enlarge=1336+3162+1814+0029), so I think invertboy has it right.

Posted by kueda 9 months ago (Flag)
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white-veined wintergreen - Photo (c) randomtruth, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC-SA)
Community ID: white-veined wintergreen (Pyrola picta)
invertboy kueda 2 people agree
triplep220 would like some help identifying this

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