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Again, I apologize for a very poor quality photo. I first identified this as the franchet's cotoneaster, or the orange cotoneaster because of the small red fruit. However, that identification was naive since many different types of cotoneasters look pretty similar. So I did some research and found that only one cotoneaster makes a hedge (I may be wrong), which is the cotoneaster lucidus, or hedge cotoneaster. (The photo is a fraction of a hedge)

This plant can be found at the edge of the U village along the 25th, where garden plants like tulips are lined up beautifully this season. I have been always wondering what this plant was because ironically the dullness of the plant stands out when lined with colorful garden flowers. The leaves are very dark even though it may not seem like it under the sun, while the branches are so dynamically oriented that they hide many of the red fruits.

I guess this plant is from China, so not quite native to the Pacific Northwest and are found a lot in distrubed low land areas.

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Cotoneaster - Photo (c) Leonora Enking, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA)
richard_olmstead's ID: Cotoneaster (Genus Cotoneaster)

There are many species of Cotoneaster in cultivation and it is tough to tell them apart with specimens in hand, much less with a fuzzy photo. However, C. franchetii has much larger leaves than this specimen seems to have.

Posted by richard_olmstead about 5 years ago (Flag)

I went ahead and looked at several types of cotoneasters and it seems to be that cotoneaster lucidus or hedge cotoneaster might be the one, since it was a hedge that I took this photo.

Posted by bluehoneysugar about 5 years ago (Flag)
Cotoneaster - Photo (c) Leonora Enking, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA)
john8's ID: Cotoneaster (Genus Cotoneaster)
Posted by john8 about 2 years ago (Flag)
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Cotoneaster - Photo (c) Leonora Enking, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA)
Community ID: Cotoneaster (Genus Cotoneaster)
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