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A small thalloid liverwort with lobed leaves. Leaves had 3-4 lobes. Growing on a slightly rotten log next to a trail in a temperate rainforest. On the same log end was some ptidilum or pacific fuzzwort.

I think it is R. palmata. It has lots of gemmae, the dorsal epidermal cells do not seem to be as large as R. latifrons and I like the name palmata better. heh.

Cross section is from the thallus. It is hard to tell where the thalus and the lobes are with all the ruffles this has. The thallus was pretty much stuck to the wood with the lobes sticking up.

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mossy's ID: Palmate Germanderwort (Riccardia palmata)
Posted by mossy over 3 years ago (Flag)
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mossy's ID: Palmate Germanderwort (Riccardia palmata)
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