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Biology is my lifelong love and undergrad degree. I'm also particularly fond of Australia and the American mid/southwest. Someday I'll move to SA and farm potoroos, but in the meantime I'm a freelance scientific illustrator based in California. [My profile pic tree-kangaroos (distant cousins) are by Henry C. Richter, who illustrated John Gould's The Mammals of Australia and The Birds of Australia.] I've learned a lot of cool stuff and met a lot of cool people through iNaturalist. Please feel free to message me if you want travel tips somewhere I've been or would like to meet up for a hike. :)

Some favorite identification sources (and always looking for more if anyone has recommendations):

Very helpful tips for photographing mollusks on invertzoo's profile

North America & Caribbean
USDA Plants Database
The Sibley Guide to Birds [North America]
Kaufman Field Guide to Mammals of North America
Dragonflies of the Southwest
Plant Galls of California and Other Western States (Russo)
The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California
California Herps
Reef Coral/Creature/Fish Identification: Florida Caribbean Bahamas (Humann & DeLoach)
Birds of the West Indies (Raffaele, Wiley, Garrido, & Keith)

Hawai'i's Sea Creatures (Hoover)
The Ultimate Guide to Hawai'ian Reef Fishes (Hoover)
Insects of Hawaii
Hawaii's Birds (Hawaii Audubon Society)

Reef Creature/Fish ID: Tropical Pacific (Humann & DeLoach)
A Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia (Wilson & Swan)
The Field Guide to the Birds of Australia (Pizzey & Knight)
Mammals of Australia (Strahan)
Weeds in Australia
FloraBase: Western Australian Flora
PlantNET: NSW FloraOnline
Key to Tasmanian Vascular Plants
Victorian Drosera and Utricularia (though not all names are up to date)
Field Guide to the Mangroves of Queensland (pdf)
Sydney-area Butterflies & Caterpillars
Insects of Tasmania
Interactive Australian Dragonfly Identification Key

New Zealand
Hand Guide to the Birds of New Zealand (Robertson, Heather, & Onley)
NZ Birds Online
NZ Butterfly
NZ Bumblebees
Flora of New Zealand
Coastal Crabs of NZ (pdf)

Collins/Princeton Birds of Europe (Svensson, Mullarney, & Zetterstrom)
Botanical Society of the British Isles: Find Wild Flowers

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