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Welcome to Crows in Vermont!

It's a phenomenon that grabs your attention during the winter - massive flocks of crows at dusk. And your brain starts cycling through all kinds of questions as you watch...why are there so many of them? What are they doing? Why this spot?

So, let's help each other answer some of these questions and come up with new ones to explore. Here's how to start:

1. Get outside between 4 pm and 6 pm which is peak activity time for crows coming together to roost for the evening.

2. There are three things to look for: streaming, staging and roosting.
Streaming: this is best described as a line of crows all coming from one direction and heading in one direction. Please share location and direction the crows are coming from or going to.
Staging: these are groups of crows gathering prior to sunset. Typically, crows will stage in one area and then at dusk (after the sun sets) as it gets dark, they will move to a final roosting spot for the night. ...more ↓

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Crows In Vermont grew out of the public's interest in the winter flocks of crows that form at day break especially in urban areas.

Crows exhibit a number of fascinating behaviors, and beginning with winter flocking behaviors, we'll endeavor to track and map them here.

A couple of observations we are particularly interested in are:

Count: individual or small group ...more ↓

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