HoTX Challenges with Prizes by Stoney!

With this rain, it is time to go herping! And we have great news, Animal Equipment by Stoney is offering some great prizes this year. The winner of the big year will receive a Stump Ripper, plus major bragging rights. Plus, TNT will be awarding new field guides to whoever can document over 100 species: Check out the leaderboard:

Plus there will be some great prizes offered at Snake Days:

And don't forget about the Spring Turtle Challenge: To celebrate the arrival of a new guide Texas Turtles & Crocodilians by Troy D. Hibbitts ( @troyhibbitts )and Terry L. Hibbits ( ...more ↓

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The purpose of this project is to enhance our understanding of the distribution of reptiles and amphibians in Texas. Our highest priority is to collect information on Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN). However, we hope this project will lead to a better understanding of the distribution of all reptile and amphibian species in Texas and we encourage others to use this data for ...more ↓

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