What's New in Sea Star Wasting Disease?

The biggest effect of sea star wasting disease at Pillar Point - the loss of most of our Pisaster species and sunflower stars - happened back in late summer/early fall of 2013. Since that time, we've been monitoring the effects and recovery and noticing other impacts as well. But beyond Pillar Point, what is the overall state of sea star wasting disease? How many species have been affected? What have we learned about the disease, what causes it, and what is the outlook for recovery?

To answer all those questions and more, I direct you to the most recent post of The Echinoblog - written by starfish expert and echinoderm-science communicator extraordinaire, Chris Mah.

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Pillar Point reef, south of San Francisco on the San Mateo coast (and home to the famous Maverick’s Surf Contest), is a diverse, rocky, intertidal site directly adjacent to the Montara State Marine Reserve. When the reserve was established as a California State Marine Protected Area in 2007, the Pillar Point reef was intentionally excluded from the reserve boundaries for use as a control site. ...more ↓

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