All 10,000+ Observations Over Time

Just to visualize the 10,000+ observations made at Pillar Point, I created this map that shows observations through time. You can definitely tell when we started our citizen science monitoring out there in 2012 - and all the observations we've made since then! Pretty amazing.

Posted on July 26, 2016 09:09 AM by kestrel kestrel | 1 comments | Leave a comment
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Pillar Point reef, south of San Francisco on the San Mateo coast (and home to the famous Maverick’s Surf Contest), is a diverse, rocky, intertidal site directly adjacent to the Montara State Marine Reserve. When the reserve was established as a California State Marine Protected Area in 2007, the Pillar Point reef was intentionally excluded from the reserve boundaries for use as a control site. ...more ↓

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