New Federally Endangered Species Deserves Our Attention

The rusty patched bumble bee (Bombus affinus) was recently added to the federally endangered species list. It was once a common species whose distribution included all of the Lower Lake Erie region.
The rusty patched bumble bee has been observed and collected in a variety of habitats that include prairies, woodlands, marshes, agricultural landscapes and residential parks and gardens. There are some historical records in our region.
We know that pollinators of all types play important roles in our ecosystem, yet are in decline due to habitat loss, use of pesticides and disease. Local conservation groups are working to put a formal survey protocol together for this upcoming field season for the rusty patched bumble bee. In the meantime, we encourage you to add your historic bee records. Records of this species, and others, may turn up new ...more ↓

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The Lower Lake Erie Region CSI is a project of LEAP for Biodiversity. Our aim is to identify the species living in the southern Lake Erie region, including counties within northeast Ohio, northwest Pennsylvania and western New York. This is an interactive opportunity to make your nature observations benefit conservation efforts while connecting with other local naturalists.

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