A new year, a new leaf!

Happy snowy spring everyone!
A lot has happened since things kicked off in 2014. What started as a student-forester collaboration project in Chittenden County, has now grown into a state-wide collaborative effort among naturalists and others alike! We've been so busy mapping, we haven't had much chance to update this online blog, but our hope is to regularly post throughout 2017.

To start, here are some of the stats for the project so far:
* 2439 observations
* 43 species
* 58 active observers
* 97 members
* 141 Vermont towns represented by the data collected
* The most observed species have been:
** Common buckthorn (362)
** Japanese knotweed (260)
** Wild parsnip (156)
** Common reed (130)
** Garlic mustard ...more ↓

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Volunteers take part in a citizen science project to assess and prioritize treatment areas for invasive plant management.

Observations made by volunteers are linked to spatial location, photos, information on seed production, and level of infestation of the specific observation.

The observations are valuable for understanding the breadth of the species occurring along ...more ↓

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