All Names

  • Korean
    • 대륙검은지빠귀
  • Swedish
    • Koltrast
  • Russian
    • Чёрный дрозд
  • English
    • Eurasian Blackbird
    • European Blackbird
    • Common Blackbird
    • Blackbird
    • Blk
    • Black bird
  • Portuguese
    • Melro
    • Melro-preto
    • Melro negro
  • Aou 4 Letter Codes
    • EUBL
  • German
    • Amsel
  • Catalan
    • Merla
  • French
    • Merle noir
  • Hebrew
    • שחרור
  • Scientific Names
    • Turdus merula
  • Dutch
    • Merel
  • Spanish
    • Mirlo
  • Italian
    • Merlo
  • Finnish
    • mustarastas

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Description from Wikipedia

The Common Blackbird (Turdus merula) is a species of true thrush. It is also called Eurasian Blackbird (especially in North America, to distinguish it from the unrelated New World blackbirds), or simply Blackbird, where this does not lead to confusion with a similar-looking local species. It breeds in Europe, Asia, and North Africa, and has been introduced to Australia (where it is considered a pest) and New Zealand. It has a number of subspecies across its...

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Conservation Summary

  • Portugal
    Pouco preocupante (lc) (Source: Livro Vermelho dos Vertebrados de Portugal)
    Pouco Preocupante
Source: BirdLife International (2011) IUCN Red List for birds. Downloaded from on 31/07/2011.
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