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  • Spanish
    • Caracol Gigante Africano
  • Chinese (Traditional)
    • 褐雲瑪瑙螺 (非洲大蝸牛)
  • Catalan
    • Caragol gegant africà
  • Scientific Names
    • Achatina fulica
    • Lissachatina fulica
  • English
    • Giant African Land Snail
  • Indonesian
    • Bekicot

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Giant African Land Snail Achatina fulica [inactive]




August 7, 2016 03:53 PM HST
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Description from Wikipedia

Achatina fulica is a species of land snail in the family Achatinidae known commonly as the giant African snail or giant African land snail. It thrives in many types of habitat in areas with mild climates, it feeds voraciously and vectors plant pathogens, causing severe damage to agricultural crops and native plants, it competes with native snail taxa, it is a nuisance pest of urban areas, and it spreads human disease. It is listed as one...

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