All Names

  • English
    • Pygmy Sunfishes
  • Scientific Names
    • Elassomatiformes
  • Spanish
    • Peces sol pigmeos


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75px elassoma sp
Creative Commons Flickr Photos Tagged "Elassomatiformes."

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No one's observed a Pygmy Sunfishes (Order Elassomatiformes) .
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Description from Wikipedia

Elassoma is a genus of freshwater fish, the only member of family Elassomatidae and suborder Elassomatoidei of order Perciformes. The type species is E. zonatum, the banded pygmy sunfish. The Elassomatidae are known collectively as pygmy sunfishes, but are not true sunfishes, which are members of family Centrarchidae. Some researchers believe they are related to sticklebacks and pipefishes (order Syngnathiformes) rather than Perciformes.

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