Trying to be a well-rounded natural historian, but realize I have innate bias towards amphibians and fish on twitter @briangratwicke

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Breviceps - Photo (c) rrommel, all rights reserved, uploaded by rrommel C
Breviceps Info
Breviceps is a genus of frogs in the Brevicipitidae family. They are commonly known as Rain Frogs. (From Wikipedia)
Pancake Batfish - Photo (c) NOAA Photo Library, some rights reserved (CC BY) CC
Pancake Batfish Info
The pancake batfish, Halieutichthys aculeatus, belongs to the family Ogcocephalidae of batfishes. Their distributrition includes western Atlantic, North Carolina, northern Gulf of Mexico to northern South America. They inhabit a subtropical, sandy, reef-associated, and 45–820 m deep environment. (From Wikipedia)
Sugarbirds and allies - Photo (c) Lip Kee Yap, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA) CC
Sugarbirds and allies Info
Promeropidae make up a small family of passerine birds which are restricted to Africa. (From Wikipedia)
Stubfoot Toads - Photo (c) Brian Gratwicke, some rights reserved (CC BY) CC
Stubfoot Toads Info
Atelopus, commonly known as Harlequin toads, is a large genus of true toads from Central and South America, ranging as far north as Costa Rica and as far south as Bolivia. Atelopus are small, generally brightly colored and diurnal. Most species are associated with mid- to high-elevation streams. This genus has been greatly affected by amphibian declines, and many species are now considered endangered, while others already are extinct. The cause of these declines primarily appears... (From Wikipedia)
South American and African Lungfish - Photo (c) Belgianchoclate, some rights reserved (CC BY) CC
South American and African Lungfish Info
The Lepidosireniformes are an order of lungfish containing the families Lepidosirenidae (the South American lungfish) and Protopteridae (the African lungfish). (From Wikipedia)
Clingfishes - Photo (c) marlin harms, some rights reserved (CC BY) CC
Clingfishes Info
Gobiesociformes are an order of ray-finned fish, with only one known family, the Gobiesocidae or clingfish. (From Wikipedia)
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