Any iNat user can flag observations, comments, photos, identifications, and other sections of the website. They can also flag taxa that they think need curation. As a curator, you can see the most recent flags in the "Curation" box on your Dashboard or by visiting http://www.inaturalist.org/flags. You can browse taxa curation flags at http://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/curation. Try to deal with these issues if you can, and when you do, mark the flag as resolved so that it no longer shows up in the queue.

We typically leave the following types of flags left unresolved: true spam flags, photos flagged for copyright infringement, duplicate observations, clearly spurious/malicious identifications.

For more information on inappropriate content, how to deal with trolls, and other information related to flagged content, see the main Curator Guide page.

Boilerplate Text for Resolving Flags

Below are some boilerplate text options you may choose to use when resolving flags for issues that occur frequently.

  • A new user's test observation is flagged: New users often post test observations to ensure the app is working prior to getting out and exploring nature. Instead of flagging the observation, we recommend marking the observation as "Evidence of organism? No" in the Data Quality Assessment section.

  • Observation of human is flagged: Instead of flagging observations of humans, we recommend simply identifying it as human (Homo sapiens) which will make the observation "Casual" grade automatically.

  • Non-spam is flagged as spam: iNaturalist's definition of spam is specific: anything that is clearly intended to make money, which could be links to spurious sites or attempts to manipulate search engine indexing through lots of text or links to weird places. Photos of humans or inanimate objects, copyrighted content, or offensive/inappropriate content not intended to generate web traffic or revenue aren't considered spam on iNaturalist. https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/help#spam

  • Observation rather than photo is flagged as copyright infringement: Instead of flagging the observation, you can flag the photo directly as copyright infringement. This replaces the photo with a big "COPYRIGHTED MEDIA REMOVED" image and marks the observation as "casual grade." You can flag the photo by clicking the "i" (white circle) below the photo and clicking "Flag this photo" in the very bottom righthand corner of that page. Then choose "copyright infringement" in the pop-up and save. Thanks!

  • Flagger indicates the photo on a taxon page is incorrectly identified: If you're positive a photo is identified as the incorrect taxon, then please correct this on the taxon page. If you click on "Curation" and then on "Edit photos," you should be able to remove the photo and then add a correctly identified one.

    alternate: I've removed this photo. If you're positive something is identified as the incorrect taxon, you're actually able to correct it yourself. On the taxon page, if you click on "Curation" and then on "Edit photos," you should be able to remove the photo and then add a correctly identified photo if one is available.

  • Taxon is missing (but was able to be added automatically): If a species or other taxon is missing in the iNaturalist database, try typing the name into the identification field of an observation and choosing "Search External Name Providers." You can also search for it from the main searchbar on any page, click the "Taxa" tab, then scroll to the bottom where it says "Not Seeing What You're Looking For?" and click the search buttons in that section. This will try to import the name automatically from Catalog of Life and some other sources. If that doesn't work, it will need to be added manually by an iNat curator, and in those cases, feel free to flag it as you've done here. Thank you!

  • Message was flagged as spam but user looks legitimate: Hi, iNaturalist's spam-detector flagged a message you sent as spam. This often happens when users send repetitious messages or include a lot of links to outside websites. Messages between users are private, so I cannot see the contents, but I thought I would let you know. If your account becomes suspended due to too many spam flags, just reach out to help@inaturalist.org and they will unsuspend it.

  • Add or update taxon on place checklist: Note that anyone can add to place checklists in order to mark taxa as present or absent as well as native, endemic, or introduced to certain places.

    To change an existing listing go to the taxon page:
    -Click the "Status" tab
    -Under "Establishment Means", click "View" next to the place
    -Click the edit button next to "Establishment Means", make your changes, and click Save

    To add a new listing, in the main header search:
    -Search for the place of interest, e.g. the state, country, or other place you are interested in, then click "About"
    -Lefthand side (scroll down)>View check list page
    -Search for taxon where it says "Type taxon name"
    -If not on list, "Add to list" and add taxon to list
    -Once on list, click "Edit" next to the taxon
    -Click the edit button next to "Establishment Means", make your changes, and click Save

  • Comment instead: (for only certain cases) ... Users aren't notified when their content is flagged, so it's best to leave them a comment or send them a message if you notice something wrong.
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