Accurate geotagging

My camera has a built-in GPS, but it usually takes forever to get satellite readings and so many of my pics are missing the geotag. So, when I'm out on an observing trek and want to make sure I get accurate locations, I'm using the GPXLogger app on my phone in two different ways. I start the GPXLogger app to record my trek (I have it set to record my location every 40 seconds or so) and then, later, I sync my pics with the locations using GPicSync software on my computer (it ties pics with locations based on the timestamp). But I don't trust that GPXlogger is always working, so as a backup, I take a pic of the GPXLogger screen every so often to document the coordinates in my camera roll.

Posted on December 31, 2019 11:38 PM by pfau_tarleton pfau_tarleton


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