New Android App: African Herp Atlas

I have been working on a little cellphone application that can be used to visualise herpetofauna distribution and species patterns across the African continent. The data are derived from GBIF (which iNaturalist contributes to) and IUCN distribution ranges which are displayed at a degree square resolution. It also enables various filter options, allowing users to generate species lists for all African countries.

This free cellphone app is open for testing and can be obtained from the Google Play Store using this link.

Note: the data used in this app are displayed as is. There are many errors on GBIF that require fixing, and many species on the IUCN that lack ranges. This app aims in part to draw attention to these issues and help rectify them. ...more ↓

Posted on March 14, 2022 15:30 by alexanderr alexanderr | 7 comments | Leave a comment
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