Backyard Biodiversity: 400 Species and Counting

Beginning in May 2018, encounters with species on the property have been recorded, uploaded to iNat and added to a Backyard Biodiversity project. Early on, these were simply intended as additional iNat observations. Most were chance encounters. The question arose as to how many species could actually be found in a typical suburban property. Early, and admittedly ignorant, estimates were that 100 or so species were likely to be found (excluding cultivated Plants).

The first 12 months tallied only 47 species. Mostly Birds, Spiders, a few Moths and Butterflies, Flies and Beetles. Each month a few additional species were added to 90 species by Nov '19.

At this point a more active approach was taken and a UV light was used periodically at night. (Actually a 40w Black Light Fluoro Tube). In the first ...more ↓
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This project is a collection of all observations made from my suburban property (approx. 750m2). It includes all organisms seen from my property, including those living in it, those passing through and those outside the property but observed from within it (i.e. Birds flying past).

This project is part of the ...more ↓

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