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The FunDiS Biodiversity Database collects high quality observations from community scientists for science and conservation across North America. If you contribute your observations of fungi to FunDiS, they'll become a part of a database of high quality observations that can be used by scientists and conservationists to better understand and protect fungi all across North America.

Knowing what species are threatened and which ones are doing OK enables the conservation community to prioritize efforts and resources. Distribution and abundance data are critical pieces of information for assessing the threat status of a species. There is a lot of fungal observations posted on iNaturalist and Mushroom Observer, but the quality, and thus utility, of these data varies greatly. The Biodiversity Database is an importance source of the high-quality data needed for evaluating the status of North American macrofungi.

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Welcome to the FunDiS Biodiversity Database (FBD) on iNaturalist and thank you for joining! The FBD collects high quality observations from community scientists for science and conservation. Please read the Project Journal for info and observation parameters. Read more about how your observations can help us help fungi: ...more ↓

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