Inland Empire City Nature Challenge

Don’t know what to do this weekend? How about joining the world’s largest science project? The iNaturalist City Science Challenge was once a biodiversity battle between museums in big cities, but now it’s a global snapshot of life on our planet. From Bratislava to Urubamba, Cape Town to Cape Cod, you can just use your cell phone and the iNaturalist app to photograph and upload the wild world around you. Our “city” is actually the entire Inland Empire, a land that offers deserts and mountains, forests, lakes and regional parks. Don’t like spiders and snakes, how about hummingbirds and wildflowers? Any wildlife you document from April 30 to May 3 will add to the final total of species in the Inland Empire. You’ll be surprised who else lives in your neighborhood. Find out more:

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Field guides are now available in iNaturalist to assist you in identifying your finds! For plants, see; for insects, see; for mammals, see ...more ↓

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