Exploration hike Sunday 22/11/2020

As part of our current BioBlitz photo competition, we are going out in the field for a hike. If anybody wants to join, please contact Bruno (2746862, phone me, text me or whatsapp me). The plan is to meet at 9am Sunday, at the beginning of the trail of Casse Dent (Sans Soucis road). After 1 km on the trail, we will then go off trail toward Morne Blanc via the eastern slope. This is not gonna be an easy walk but if you like adventure, it might just be nice. Next weekend, we will do an easier hike for those who want.

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Many Seychellois people and visitors are naturalists or love nature, hiking on trails and taking photos of the species they encounter. There is also a community of scientists who gather and manage distribution data on plants, animals and ecosystems. This iNaturalist project aims at linking all of us in a way that will contribute to the protection of Seychelles biodiversity.
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