Help Us Document 1,000 Cat Detections in 2021

Hello Trackers,

This month, we are officially launching the 1,000 Cats Project, a community-driven network that will allow us, our partners, Mexican and American sister parks, conservation non-governmental organizations, binational students, private ranchers, and other volunteers to collect wild cat data and take meaningful actions to protect the habitats of jaguar, ocelot, mountain lion, and bobcat.

Our goal is to document at least 1,000 cat detections in 2021 through your submissions to iNaturalist, our Border Wildlife Study photos, and submitted Sky Island FotoFauna checklists. Through this project, we believe we can create a united binational community of advocates for conservation that helps extend safe habitat for wide-ranging cats beyond national and state park borders and raises awareness of the feline habitat humans live in.

Every cat sign, scat, sighting, and track you submit to this project will help inform our work.

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Wildlife need space to move and thrive. We ensure they have that space: a network of connected and protected habitats between Sky Island mountain ranges. In the process, we connect people with this region and its wildlife, engaging them as conservation advocates and leaders.

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