Hyperostotic Fish Skull on Project Noah

Project Noah is a citizen science project a bit like iNaturalist, where people can submit their observations (or "spottings") of all kingdoms of life and solicit help in identifying the organisms.
I've been on there for about four months now, helping ID bone spottings. They have a project (or "mission") "Identifying Animals Through Osteology" that made a lot of the work easy initially, but only the spotter can add their spottings to missions, which meant to find others I have to search tags like "skull", "bone", "skeleton", etc. Nothing new to me, it's something I do a lot here on iNat too, but it takes a lot more time to find things and a lot slip through the cracks. This nifty fish skull was one of them.

Can't believe I left a tilly bone (tilly skull? The skull ...more ↓

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"Tilly bones" are bones that exhibit excessive bone growth, or hyperostosis. They are named after paleontologist Dr. Johanna Gabrielle Ottelie Edinger, or simply 'Tilly'.
These over-grown bones are only found (to our current knowledge) in marine fish, though it is not known why.

Despite being a common and widely known phenomenon, they are not well understood. And they are ...more ↓

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