Common Insects and Spiders of Wassumkeag Island (Sears Island)

This list only includes reported observations. Please add to our list of known insects and spiders by reporting your observations on our website at . You can also ...more ↓

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Yellow Garden Spider 2
Argiope aurantia
2956595480 a87d2d57cb m
Banded Garden Spider 3
Argiope trifasciata
3968776870 44b19f8949 m
Cross Orbweaver 4
Araneus diadematus
3134499688 d72fc5fb65 m
Orchard Orbweaver 5
Leucauge venusta
4829829472 2c35b7f0d6 m
Grass Spiders 6
Goldenrod Crab Spider 8
Misumena vatia
3585893930 9998daa744 m
Ticks 9
3736218753 333719d3b4 m
Luna Moth 10
Actias luna
3569720678 180beffc0b m
Canadian Tiger Swallowtail 11
Papilio canadensis
240px limenitis camilla1
White Admiral 12
Limenitis camilla
7683157626 ebe4fd6d6b m
Red Admiral 13
Vanessa atalanta
141509000 8f1c383ae4 m
Mourning Cloak 14
Nymphalis antiopa
Common Ringlet 15
Ypthima doleta
4741072524 25ff7d3ca4 m
Atlantis Fritillary 5
Speyeria atlantis
3614894649 7a69581714 m
Great Spangled Fritillary 5
Speyeria cybele
2972095940 9bc2608e00 m
Monarch 16
Danaus plexippus
Eastern Tailed-Blue 17
Cupido comyntas
3747610175 6debe091a8 m
Summer Azure 18
Celastrina neglecta
3746247839 6bc7b097af m
Cabbage White 19
Pieris rapae
Long Dash Skipper 20
Polites mystic
6843189030 47bbfb399a m
Peck's Skipper 21
Polites peckius
186298101 13518924fe m
Essex Skipper 22
Thymelicus lineola

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