Charlie Hohn Curator

I work for the State of Vermont, where I map natural communities and plants. In some of my spare time I use iNaturalist to map neat things I find during explores. (actually, I guess a lot of my spare time!) I am originally from southern California. During my time mapping California's vegetation, I got very good at identifying plants from far away, which comes in handy helping identify observations there. Sometimes during mud season in Vermont I help identify California flowers and miss the canyons. But Vermont is home and I love it here.

I'm also on the Montpelier, Vermont conservation commission and am hoping to bring more iNaturalist to our state capitol.

I'm a graduate of the University of Vermont Field Naturalist graduate program and I am excited to see an increasing number of Field Naturalist, Ecological Planning, and RSNR students and graduates on here. Send me a message and say hi if you're new to the site and you would like help getting set up or other pointers!

Email: naturalist.charlie at gmail dot com.

Sometimes I take samples as part of my job and add photos of them to iNaturalist. Please don't take samples unless you are sure it is legal and is not harming the population of the species.

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Montezuma Oropendola
(Psarocolius montezuma)
mole salamanders
(Family Ambystomatidae)
Crows, Jays, and Mag...
(Family Corvidae)
(Genus Ceanothus)
(Genus Populus)
Canyon Wren
(Catherpes mexicanus)
(Family Lampyridae)
Hollyleaf Cherry
(Prunus ilicifolia)

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