Mike V.A. Burrell Curator

I am a lifelong naturalist based in Ontario, Canada with a broad-range of interests.

I work for the Ontario Natural Heritage Information Centre as the project zoologist where I have the privilege of extending my interest in the province's rare animals to my work.

My knowledge is strongest in birds in which I have had a number of paid and volunteer roles. Currently I am the Ontario eBird coordinator, secretary of the Ontario Bird Records Committee, and the Ontario Regional Editor for the Christmas Bird Count Program and the American Birding Association's fall edition of North American Birds.

While working for as a park naturalist in Algonquin Provincial Park during high school and my undergraduate degree, I developed a strong interest outside of of birds with a focus on dragonflies, butterflies, moths, herps and mammals which I continue to grow.

You can follow me on my blog at http://mikeburrell.blogspot.ca/ or on Twitter @mike_va_burrell although I'm not always good at keeping those things updated.

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