I am a Sonoma State University graduate student in the Girman Biology Group. My research is focused on the impact of microgeographic features and changing seasonal climate variables on the phenology of herpetofauna in the North Bay Critical Linkage Area including preserves such as SSU's Fairfield Osborn Preserve (www.sonoma.edu/preserves/osborn/) and Pepperwood Preserve (www.pepperwoodpreserve.org). I am incorporating the participation from junior scientists and citizen scientists for several aspects of the research.

As a high school biology teacher in the North Bay Area, my students focused on the first high school iNaturalist project, Montgomery High School Ecology Project. I look forward to my current Casa Grande High School students in Petaluma participating in an iNaturalist project. I enjoy collaborating with other biology teachers who are interested in implementing citizen science into their curriculum. My website, www.protecthabitat.com has my iNaturalist project outline and related curriculum available for those interested in implementing a secondary school-level or college-level citizen science project. It is readily available for educators to use freely. I love to connect with other teachers implementing citizen science and share ideas.

It was very exciting to participate in the first California Naturalist program held at Pepperwood Preserve which is where I learned about citizen science. I enjoyed the recent 1st state-wide California Naturalist Conference in October 2014 and look forward to next year's conference.

Julie (AKA "protecthabitat")

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