Projects in Arizona

Amphibians of Arizona icon

Amphibians of Arizona

Despite its reputation as a desert state, Arizona is home to a number of amphibian species. Because of thei...
Arachnids of Arizona icon

Arachnids of Arizona

People who spend time in Arizona invariably come in contact with its arachnid community. Often feared but o...
Arizona Desert Life icon

Arizona Desert Life

To display and inform all of the life in the Arizona desert.
Arizona iMapInvasives icon

Arizona iMapInvasives

The Arizona iMapInvasives database is the state's main repository for invasive species location information...
Arizona Native Flora icon

Arizona Native Flora

Documenting occurrences of native Arizona plant species and assisting one another in identification.
Arizona's Ornate Box Turtle Watch icon

Arizona's Ornate Box Turtle Watch

Ornate box turtles in Arizona are difficult to find, and, unfortunately, they may be declining. Concerned ...
AZ TWS Techniques Workshop icon

AZ TWS Techniques Workshop

This project was created to demonstrate the potential functionality of iNaturalist projects to wildlife stu...
Birds of Arizona icon

Birds of Arizona

Arizona is known world-wide for its wonderful birding. With a broad range of habitats, wide open spaces, an...
Cacti of Arizona icon

Cacti of Arizona

One of the distinctive features of the Arizona deserts is the diversity of cacti. These spiny plants come i...
HDMS Point Observation Database icon

HDMS Point Observation Database

This project has been created to help Arizona's Heritage Data Management System collect site specific obser...
Insects of Arizona icon

Insects of Arizona

Arizona is home to an enormous diversity of insects, from bugs to butterflies to beetles. They play major r...
Ironwood Tree Experience icon

Ironwood Tree Experience

The purpose of this project is to encourage Ironwood Tree Experience youth participants, their family, and ...
Mammals of Arizona icon

Mammals of Arizona

Mammals living in dry climates have evolved a variety of adaptations to dealing with their environment. Ari...
PEEK McCorkle Rita Wilhite icon

PEEK McCorkle Rita Wilhite

The sixth-graders will work across grade levels with the 4/5 class to develop observation and record keepin...
Petrified Forest National Park Natural History Observations icon

Petrified Forest National Park Natural History Observations

This project allows park visitors and staff to record natural history observations within and in the near v...
Reptiles of Arizona icon

Reptiles of Arizona

Arizona is a hotspot of reptile biodiversity. It's unique climate make it well suited for a large number of...
TAIS Bioblitz - Brennan icon

TAIS Bioblitz - Brennan

We will take an inventory of all species on our campus in order to share the results with the eighth grade ...
The Phoenix Zoo - Entry & Arizona Trail icon

The Phoenix Zoo - Entry & Arizona Trail

This guide provides an alternative source of species information to visitors and staff of the Phoenix Zoo. ...
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