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ACT Batwatch icon

ACT Batwatch

Bats are one of the most common types of native mammals in the Australian Capital Territory however because...
ASH HERPATHON 2014 (Australian Society of Herpetologists) icon

ASH HERPATHON 2014 (Australian Society of Herpetologists)

ASH HERPATHON 2014 (Australian Society of Herpetologists) The ASH Herpathon is a nationwide competit...
Ausie Chafers; Scarabaeoidea, Cetoniidae. icon

Ausie Chafers; Scarabaeoidea, Cetoniidae.

Here will be an overview (when I've finished putting them here) of Australian Cetoniids with images of most...
Ausie Rhino Beetles; Scarabidae, Bolboceratinae. icon

Ausie Rhino Beetles; Scarabidae, Bolboceratinae.

To show the diversity and collect observations, 87 so far, of these false 'dung' beetles. These guys are se...
Ausie Tigers; Coleoptera, Cicindelidae icon

Ausie Tigers; Coleoptera, Cicindelidae

To show as many Australian Tiger beetle species (40+ identified species so far) as are still living in Aust...
Bird Poo Beetles; Coleoptera, Buprestidae. icon

Bird Poo Beetles; Coleoptera, Buprestidae.

To open up the cryptic world of these masters of camouflage. 60+ species identified. This project is aimed ...
Coastal Walkabout icon

Coastal Walkabout

Coastal Walkabout is a citizen science project in Western Australia created to document the rich marine lif...
Derby Bioblitz icon

Derby Bioblitz

This project is designed to collect longitudinal data on native wildlife in the Derby area. Derby Landcare...
Far North Queensland Fauna icon

Far North Queensland Fauna

Far North Queensland Fauna
Ground Beetles; Coleoptera, Carabidae icon

Ground Beetles; Coleoptera, Carabidae

To show the ground beetles found in Australia, 22 observations identified. At this time 'Carabidae' is a du...
Huon Valley Coastal Hotspots icon

Huon Valley Coastal Hotspots

Trial project. Filling data gaps on the huon valley coastline. More information to come.
Mallee Beetles; Buprestidae, Stigmoderini icon

Mallee Beetles; Buprestidae, Stigmoderini

To collect and display the Themognatha and other groups (80+ identified species) seen on mallee flowers and...
Mammals of Australia icon

Mammals of Australia

Like it says on the tin. I basically just made this for fun and am surprised it's been found/joined, so if...
Melbourne BioBlitz icon

Melbourne BioBlitz

Melbourne BioBlitz offers an opportunity to discover, identify and record the plants and animals living in ...
Mushrooms of Australia icon

Mushrooms of Australia

To display some moments in the life of a fungi.
Panboola Bioblitz icon

Panboola Bioblitz

Come and join scientists and naturalists, families and friends to find and record biodiversity for our loca...
Shiny Jewel Beetles; Coleoptera, Buprestidae. icon

Shiny Jewel Beetles; Coleoptera, Buprestidae.

To show and share (30 identified observations) some of the color that hides from people because it doesn't ...
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