Projects in Hong Kong

Fung Shui Woods in Hong Kong icon

Fung Shui Woods in Hong Kong

1. Locate the Fung Shui Woods in Hong Kong
 2. Find the boundary of Fung Shui Woods.
Hong Kong Explorers Initiative icon

Hong Kong Explorers Initiative

The Hong Kong Explorers Initiative's aim is to encourage people to explore Hong Kong's wilderness by crowds...
Hong Kong Herpetological Record icon

Hong Kong Herpetological Record

This database aims at documenting the most recent distribution, interesting observations in life histories ...
Hong Kong Moths icon

Hong Kong Moths

To document the moth species in Hong Kong, as well as their distribution and abundance within Hong Kong, wi...
Tai Tam Biodiversity icon

Tai Tam Biodiversity

Tai Tam is a Site of Special Scientific Interest with the only remaining mangroves on Hong Kong island, sur...
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